About Us

Founded in 1992, Integral Talent Systems, Inc. (ITS) is a global technology enabled talent management consulting firm. ITS conducts ongoing independent research so that our clients stay abreast of the most current workforce trends and best practices.

Organizations that are expert in attracting, developing and engaging their top talent will be the most high-performing companies in today's global economy. ITS partners with senior management to design and develop integrated talent management strategies that optimize the talent investment for greater financial return.

You can engage our talented and experienced staff to assist you in:

- Measuring Employee Engagement
- Employment Branding
- Attracting & Selecting Top Talent
- Implementing a Comprehensive Exit Interview System
- Developing your Managers & Leaders
- Preventing Employee Turnover
- Developing Custom Learning & Development Programs
- Creating a Dynamic New Employee Onboarding Process
- Converting your Top College Interns into Future Employees
- Implementing a Career Development Program
- Creating an Innovative Workforce
- Retaining Diverse Talent
- Planning for the Transition of Exiting Employees

Find out how our clients maintain low turnover and high productivity of their workforces by partnering with ITS. Call 650-965-1806 today and ask for a complimentary briefing.

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