About Us

ISM's mission is to elevate our client’s Web Presence to provide a competitive advantage enabling them to capture high value customers and increase market share. We are focused on small and medium sized companies that are under/unserved by the traditional SEM/SEO companies.

Do you or someone you know have a website that is lost to potential customers on the internet? If the answer is yes, it is most likely due a lack of Search Engine Marketing. SEM/SEO is often misunderstood by website owners and even the web developers that build the websites. Many websites are built with little attention to SEM/SEO during website design or development. Website owners think that because their nephew/friend/sister’s cousin built the website that they included SEO in the design, or that they can go back and retrofit an SEO into an existing website.

Customers need experts that understand current SEM/SEO issues, can develop an SEO implementation plan for their website, implement the plan on their website and then continuously track a website’s performance.

Interactive Search Marketing has the knowledge and talent to make our customers’ websites standout on the internet.

Business size

1-10 employees