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IT GURUS OF ATLANTA brings the best in customer satisfaction along with the dependability of experience, expertise, and competitive pricing which will take your business to the next level. We specialize in infrastructure redesign, ITIL integration, restructuring, software & business development, project management, engineering, implementation, and support. Our model is to bring the current and future standards of Information Technology to the small businesses while taking your business to the next level. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA caters not only to the needs of small businesses, but also cuts costs and increases efficiency which will increase profitability on an enterprise national or global scale.

Our specialization is the full umbrella of Information Technology, while implementing security standards/features, to assure data integrity, system optimization, and engineering solutions to assure the success of your organization. Our partners include Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMWare, Zen Enterprises, Iron Mountain, Karisoft, iDrive, Dell, SAP, Symantec, and many more.

Whether it is network design and implementation to project management, or implementing best practices such as ITIL to process improvement such as Six Sigma, IT GURUS OF ATLANTA is the first choice for pricing, profitability, and growth. Our reputation is backed by over 20 years of experience, knowledge, and expertise. The methodologies and practices of IT GURUS OF ATLANTA is what sets us leagues above other competitors.

IT GURUS OF ATLANTA, changing the industry one company at a time.

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