About Us

Jamilah means "beautiful." Simply. By using the gifts of healing provided by nature, through the practical science of aromatherapy, we aim to make beautiful an everyday feeling, helping to resolve wellness issues for your benefit!

Jamilah Aromatherapy provides professional one-on-one consulting on health and wellness concerns in our private office located in Jamaica, NY. Will also consult with those that cannot travel to the office via electronic communication e.g. Skype, email, and by telephone. Medical history is required for all consultations. Consultations are by appointment only.

Private consultations are 1 to 1 & 1/2 hours long. We discuss issue presented and ways to support improvement. Issues may be related to body (physical), mind (emotional, mental) and spirit (matters of the heart, spiritual). Together, an effective aromatherapeutic approach will be determined. Most approaches are geared to combat stress by relaxing, re-energizing, restoring and/or rebalancing mind, body and spirit. Many issues are related to physical discomfort, inflammation, anxiety, sleep and pain.

Essential oils with specific properties to assist presenting issues will be used to formulate an aromatherapeutic blend for your use. All blends are comprised of certified organic or wildcrafted essential oils among other quality organic ingredients. All of the essential oils used in our formulas are GC/MS tested for purity and authenticity. These tests also allow us to better utilize and understand each essential oil's chemical constituents and therapeutic benefits. Your blend may be a cream, oil, lotion, mist, salt, salve, inhaler, or diffusion to be used topically or inhaled dependent upon the issue presented. Application and use will be fully discussed as will any safety concerns regarding the use of essential oils, storing your blend and follow-up details.

Because essential oils work on the mind and the body they can really help counter the psychological and physiological effects of both acute and chronic stress and bring us back to balance.

Blends for use without a consultation are available at the company website. These are wonderful blends for the home spa and general issues that affect a significant number of people. We make these organic and wildcrafted aromatherapy products available so that there are other options besides over-the-counter remedies that are filled with inorganic, sometimes harmful chemicals, additives and preservatives.

We hope to see you soon.


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1-10 employees