About Us

Jelecos is a consulting and services company that delivers straight-forward, technology solutions aligned tightly with each client’s unique business objectives. Through a focus on business process and a commitment to relationships, we help you execute core business strategies that speed return on investment.

Our philosophy is simple: Business First, Technology Second

We still believe the best technology is the white board, and the best way to make decisions is with key stakeholders gathered around the same table, virtually or physically.

Our core competencies are around cloud computing, including managed infrastructure, storage, backup and recovery, and security and compliance services. We are also an industry leader in custom application development, with a focus in PCI (transaction processing) and HIPAA compliancy. Jelecos also offers strategic advisory services to help you plan and properly align your technology with your long-term business objectives. But there are two things that set us apart from the rest:
---A deep understanding of business in general – and what it takes to be successful in particular
---The ability to combine those core technical competencies in precisely the right way – to help you achieve wildly successful business results

This is how we add value.