About Us

Never before have the country’s political landscape, business interests, and public concern so squarely focused on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. JMM Global is proud to provide compliance solutions, operational training, and asset management for private corporations and government entities with private fuel sites. Drawing on a ten-year proven track record, the Company provides two primary proprietary software platforms, which will aid in its ability to manage environmental regulations and environmental land assets. JMM Global offers both the Application Portal for Environmental Compliance (APEC), widely recognized as the best solution available in the industry and a web-based customizable tool for storage tank compliance management; and the Integrated Property Management Systems (IPMS), a property management application with the intent to capture, integrate and facilitate the collaboration of information across multiple information sources. Working with more than 275 current clients, including supermajor BP Products North America, Inc., JMM Global provides the best single-source solution to streamlining critical property data, as well as meeting regulatory and reporting needs. The Company’s services are unique in that solutions are carefully customized for each client, allowing a tailored approach.

Business size

26-100 employees