About Us

You’ve never bought a car like this before.And that’s as true of the car itself as it is the process of buying it.Because... at Jordan Motorz, we’ve turned the old ways upside down.Not only do we scour the globe to find the best, most unique luxury vehicles available on the market, we customize and pamper those vehicles to the point of true one-of-a-kind beauty.Then we bring them to you at the most aggressively affordable prices anywhere.All with no pressure, no wasted time, and no team of pushy salesmen breathing down your neck.Sound different? It is. Because no one else does what we do. From the moment you enter our enormous, immaculate and comfortable showroom, you’re treated with the respect you deserve. Which starts with something very simple – leaving you alone to look at our selection at your own pace.After all, we know that by the time you walk in our door, there’s a good chance you’ve already been to our website. Which means you’ve already seen up to 60 photos of the vehicle you’re interested in. Not to mention read its full history, from manufacture to showroom.(Which helps explain why we make more “sight unseen, out-of-state” sales than anyone.)When you’re ready to talk to someone, you’ll deal with one person – from the first hello, until the keys are in your hand. Which usually takes less than an hour.And you’ll enjoy full transparency through the entire process – which includes finding you the most favorable financing available anywhere, regardless of your credit situation.It’s this combination of a single point of contact, combined with unparalleled attention to detail, that creates the easiest, most comfortable car-buying experience on the planet.At Jordan Motorz, we exist to bring you the best, most unique cars at the most affordable prices. And to deliver those cars to you in the finest possible condition.It’s why we like to say there’s no reason to go anywhere else.Because at Jordan Motorz, our process is as unique as our cars.


Business size

1-10 employees