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About Us

King County 4x4 Search and Rescue (KC4x4SAR) is a non-profit, all volunteer search and rescue unit in the Pacific Northwest. The mission of KC4x4SAR is to provide a public service by engaging in Search and Rescue, Civil Emergency, and community assistance activities in support of civil agencies and other authorized Search and Rescue organizations; thereby aiding in the relief of the distressed and lessening the burdens on government. KC4x4SAR deploys, trains, and helps to equip unit members to provide knowledge and resources in order to assist other organizations in time of emergency or catastrophe. KC4x4SAR promotes outdoor safety, good fellowship and good sportsmanship by participating in rescue operations, public education events, unit member training, and by setting a commendable example. No part of the activities of KC4x4SAR shall be for the purpose of attempting to influence legislation, or for the gain of any private individual, trustee, officer or member of the unit.


Business size

101-500 employees


Commercial presence