About Us

K&M Technology Group was founded in 1988 and has been involved in extended reach and horizontal drilling since its inception. 2013 marked the significant accomplishment of a quarter of a century in business and celebrated a prosperous future for the company.

K&M Technology Group's mission is to lead the Oil & Gas Industry in the development and application of leading edge extended reach technology. Our accomplishments in the extended reach field have been chronicled on numerous fronts through record-setting wells, awards and patented technology.

With the recognition K&M has received from its contribution on record-setting wells, clients often involve K&M very early in the field development stages of the project. This work includes studies ranging from simple feasibility studies to comprehensive development plans, including detailed well designs and economic analysis. We also provide Field Surveillance Engineers, Torque and Drag Software, and a range of advanced training services which have been heralded as the most advanced drilling performance schools in the industry.

K&M Technology Group's work is provided for major and independent oil and gas companies on the most difficult, complex, and challenging drilling projects in the world. K&M's development of leading edge technology in the complex world of extended reach and horizontal drilling has helped it to become the recognized leader in the industry.

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