About Us

"Finding Solutions, Growing Peace"


We empower people to come together—to talk and to listen, to explore options, and to find their own best solutions.

To achieve this mission, we offer mediation, facilitation, and training to strengthen the ability of diverse individuals and groups to resolve interpersonal conflicts and community issues.


A peaceful community where people routinely seek common ground.


• Communication

We engage in thoughtful expression and active listening to help us better understand people and situations, build trust and rapport, and resolve differences.

• Collaboration

We believe that the most satisfying, creative, and lasting solutions are achieved when all parties participate in the process and mutually agree to the outcome.

• Confidentiality

We protect the privacy of those with whom we interact and are committed to maintaining confidential information, both personal and professional.

• Courtesy

We treat those with whom we interact with the utmost consideration and civility, fostering a safe environment and encouraging self-determination.

• Competence

We develop and maintain the skills needed to productively serve our clients and to provide high quality, affordable, and accessible services to the East Hawai‘i community.

Business size

1-10 employees