About Us

Lange Financial Group offers legal, tax, asset management, and estate planning services all under one roof from a team of experienced professionals. Our CPA firm, Lange Accounting Group, prepares over 500 tax returns annually, our estate planning law firm, Lange Legal Group, has prepared over 2,000 wills and trusts and thousands of beneficiary designations of IRAs and retirement plans, and our Registered Investment Advisory firm provides cutting-edge Roth IRA conversion strategies and money management.

We help IRA and retirement plan owners and their families get the most out of what they’ve got by integrating and applying our proven strategies to their personal needs, wants, and financial situations.

We help clients by:
*Recommending proven strategies for accumulating retirement savings while working
*Offering cutting-edge, tax-savvy solutions to maximize tax savings during the distribution phase in preparation for and after retirement
*Drafting wills, trusts, etc. for estate planning
*Developing long-term Roth IRA conversion strategies

We take the time to understand our client’s goals and values. Based on a combination of the client’s goals, our proven strategies, and “running the numbers,” we develop a customized plan that accounts for personal circumstances and long-term financial planning. We are committed to the vision of becoming and remaining our clients’ most trusted legal and financial advisors.

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Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence