About Us

LATINA Style Inc. has become the most influential publication reaching the contemporary Hispanic woman. LATINA Style broke new ground in 1994 by launching the first national company dedicated to the needs and concerns of the contemporary Latina professional workingwoman and the Latina business owner in the United States. LATINA Style magazine, a national magazine reaching over 600,000 readers six times a year, is unique in its ability to reach both the seasoned professional and the young Latina entering the workforce for the first time. The culturally sensitive editorial environment we provided showcases Latina achievements in all areas, including business, science, civic affairs, education, entertainment, sports, and the arts. We also offer technology tips and reviews, entertainment reviews, travel recommendations, investment guidance, beauty tips, food and drink recipes, automotive updates, and career advice—in summary, all of the things that impact the quality of life.

We are also proud to have created some of the most innovative and respected programs in the Latina community, including:

The LATINA Style Business Series
The LATINA Style 50 Report
The National LATINA Symposium

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence