About Us

We are a Los Angeles-based entertainment marketing firm specializing in celebrity procurement for advertising and PR campaigns, television and film product integration, and a variety of media services.

We’ve worked with major companies such as Amgen, Olay, Pantene, Tupperware, PUR, Shire Pharmaceuticals as well as many global Advertising and PR firms such as MSL Group, DeVries, Porter Novelli, and Draftfcb.

Our services include:

• Identify and recommend celebrity talent
• Negotiate fees
• Create offer letter and contract
• Provide budget counsel
• PH&W for SAG related advertising services
• Serve as the liaison between the celebrity, their team and our clients
• Coordinate logistics and attend on site activities with celebrities


National media outreach
• Pitch writing/media angles
• Handling segment logistics

Satellite Media Tour/Radio Media Tours
• Pitching
• On-site production
• Set design
• Usage reports

Audio News Releases
• Script writing
• Pitching
• Voice-over selection
• Distribution and securing air checks

• Identify product placement and integration in TV/film and tours
• Identify key properties 12-24 months in advance
• Schedule meetings for brands with agents, production companies, networks and studios for TV/film integration
• Suggest sponsorships, tours, events, and parties/premieres
• Recommend tight turnaround VIP opportunities


Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence