About Us

Lionshare Software is an ERP and CRM consulting firm providing product selection, vendor evaluation and project management services to mid-sized companies in the Southeast region of the United States.

Lionshare Software was founded by ERP and CRM professionals with vast experience in a variety of industries and vertical markets to help guide mid-size businesses through:
• ERP and CRM Readiness Assessments
• Product Selection
• Vendor Evaluation
• Project Management and Implementation

Our services will help you define what aspects of the product will best meet your needs, how each product compares to others in its channel, how to evaluate the vendor who will be implementing the application at your location, and provide seasoned industry experts to act as your liaison throughout the implementation process. While you may not have this particular expertise in-house, it is very important that you have a knowledgeable team member representing your best interests throughout the process.

Our ERP and CRM consultants and project managers are uniquely trained to act as the Client’s Agent throughout the evaluation, selection and implementation process.

It can be intimidating to work with outside vendors who bill by the hour and work from a project plan that they have created for YOUR business.

Our team members:
• Drive the planning and implementation process to fit your business cycle and schedule, with more intimate knowledge of your resources and capacity.
• Insure that time and cost estimates are quantifiable and can be justified.
• Minimize risk through rigorous risk management reviews with the vendor, your team and executive management.
• Maximize benefits by clearly defining measurements that will be tracked before, during and after the project.


Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence