About Us

BASED IN BOSTON, Lungfish Communications provides marketing consulting with a balance of traditional offline marketing and the latest search, SEO and e-commerce marketing, for small and mid-sized companies who want both their online and offline businesses to thrive.

LUNGFISH WERE THE FIRST CREATURES TO BREATHE AIR, surviving in the mud with both gills and lungs, straddling the evolutionary line between two worlds, the tipping point when life emerged out of the water onto land.

THE EVOLUTION to digital marketing requires traditional and search marketing to work in harmony to unify brands and drive customer conversion.

IF YOU HAVE A NEW BRAND TO LAUNCH, let Lungfish Communications develop an integrated action plan for branding and positioning, mass marketing and advertising, online, search and social, PR and events, and more.

IF YOUR BUSINESS IS READY TO MAKE THE LEAP to e-commerce, Lungfish Communications can get your web store up and running, with the latest e-commerce tools, social hooks, search optimization, and integration with the major shopping platform feeds like eBay and Amazon. Plus expertise in broadcast media advertising as well as paid and natural/organic SEO search, and the consulting experience to pull it all together.