About Us

What began as a collaboration among AUV enthusiasts with interesting ideas for improving design and implementing technologies became a full-service AUV and robotics design and manufacturing startup. We provide custom-built Quadcopters and Multi-rotor copters that are ready to fly right out of the box. Our Quadcopters and Multi-Rotors come fully assembled, pre-tuned, and flight tested to customer specifications.

We value collaborative partnerships: with our customers as well as other robotics manufacturers and enthusiasts. That’s why we’re so active in open source and DIY communities. We’ve partnered with educational institutions, providing internships to students who are interested in getting hands-on robotics manufacturing experience. Our shop, the Makerspace, doubles as a community classroom offering DIY enthusiasts access to cutting edge technologies and high-tech equipment, as well as our expertise, to assist them with their projects.

Why are we doing all this? We’re problem-solvers. Collaborative culture is what keeps us on top of the latest technological innovations. Working with industry leaders and other enthusiasts provides access to the most interesting puzzles and emerging expertise. This is how we innovate. Innovation makes our products better.

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