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Ozone Test Chamber developed by Mast Development is designed specifically to comply with ozone testing standards provided by The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and (ISO) for testing the accelerated ozone cracking of vulcanized rubber. These ozone test standards are used by manufacturers and users of rubber products in their quality control procedures. The Mast/Keystone Ozone Test Chamber complies with these ozone testing standards by providing a controlled test atmosphere of ozone at levels up to ten parts per million (10 ppm). Virtually all rubber products exposed to ambiant atmospheres must be tested in an ozone chamber, including automobile tires, wipers, gaskets and weather-stripping; rubber rainwear; O rings and other sealing devices. Mast/Keystone is the leading supplier of ozone test chambers to rubber automobile industries in North South America, Europe, Far East.


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