About Us

Masterpiece Skin Restoration - Restore Your Masterpiece

Just as great works of art need restoration, so do you. Sun, wind, and the dry Colorado air all take a toll on the way you look. Life choices like smoking have a big impact on bodies, skin and aging. Masterpiece Skin Restoration offers leading edge technology and a range of services to help you restore your natural beauty.

At Masterpiece Skin Restoration, we have all the tools needed to help you restore your skin.

Reverse the Damage - Now the finest services with proven outcomes, both technological and natural, are at your fingertips. We can reverse the ravages of time to smooth and brighten your complexion. We can undo damage from sun and wind exposure.

We are committed to the very important task of restoring you. It's who we are: Masterpiece Skin Restoration.

Masterpiece Skin Restoration is a medical spa located in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado. The priority of our nursing and medical staff is to make your visit as painless as possible. Our machines deliver the best outcomes while still being cost effective. We offer medical services that you cannot get at a spa AND many of the services that you would find at a dermatologist’s office - but at a much better value.

All services are provided by a registered nurse under the medical direction of Dr. Dennis Kotelko.

Allow us to pamper you in our beautiful, peaceful atmosphere. Make time to care for yourself.

Renew your skin and your spirit. Feel beautiful!


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1-10 employees


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