About Us

M+A was created from a long tradition of design excellence with a renewed spirit of service. After years of running independent profit centers for a $200m commercial real estate firm and top 30 national interior design firm, Olivia Millar launched M+A. The M+A team puts one thing above all other aspects of their practice: customer service. Our customers are at the heart of our firm, they are the driving factor behind our inspiration, work ethic, and deliverables.

M+A does not have an identifiable style, we develop each project’s aesthetic based on our clients brand, programmatic goals, and sense of identity. During our programming and schematic design phases we invest extra time to better understand our clients and develop a partnership to endure the project and beyond. This deeper understanding helps us produce a design platform that sets the stage for the project’s success.

The M+A invests a lot of time up front to understand our client’s requirements and coordinate consultants so the design and construction documentation process are smooth. We remain small so our service level remains high and our clients always receive extensive senior involvement.

M+A understands what matters to our clients most; schedule and budget. To this end, senior team members are involved in all aspects of the project and are empowered to direct resources where needed to meet and exceed client expectations. We are proud to say that many of the general contractors we have worked with recommend us to their clients because of our quick response time and team approach.

Our commitment to customer service is rooted in our time as real estate advisors, contractors, and end users. These unique perspectives inform our culture and service model. We meet high-end design projects with the same energy as we do fast-paced, budget driven projects. Each receives the same senior involvement, team commitment, and creative thinking because our motivation is client satisfaction above all else.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence