About Us

Morris Engineering & Associates, Inc. is a well-established engineering firm in San Carlos, California specializing in structural design and analysis. Since its founding in 1987 by Ron Morris, the company has grown into a 7-member firm with experience in a wide variety of projects.

Our originality, resourcefulness, and design focus are paramount for creating and maintaining a strong relationship between our employees, clients and contractors. We believe that our multi-disciplinary and hands-on engineering approach is the key in creating builder and client friendly design solutions. This is accomplished by staffing our organization with a wide diversity of professional design backgrounds.

We are dedicated to timely and sensible growth to insure our clients are receiving the highest level of service available. This growth is cultivated through encouraging the development of the firm's personal and managerial employee skill set - and by upholding the highest standards of procedural innovation within our diverse field.

Drawing from everyone's talents on the team, and combined with a positive and enjoyable work environment, our collaborative in-house approach to engineering ensures projects are completed effectively and efficiently to the satisfaction of our large base of long-standing clients. Our team of talented and friendly professionals have been the basis of our success and have ensured our clients' continued satisfaction.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence