About Us

At MTS World, we specialize in world-wide, world-class customized process management and industrial training systems. We have completed 1000+ projects for 200+ companies in 30+ countries and 8 languages, for nearly 50 years.

MTS World assists industrial sites in the improvement of workplace performance through a system for the effective management of processes, organization and people's skills & knowledge. Our Technology is our proprietary Industrial Training & Process Management System. Our Organization is a group of professionals with extensive hands on experience in the operation and management of industrial sites.

All MTS World work is project based and customized on specific objectives. Project success can be measured in terms of reduced costs, improved safety and environmental compliance, accelerated training, effective plant startups, etc. Each project has clearly defined deliverables, activities to be undertaken by MTS World, and activities to be done by the customer. The MTS World System can be applied totally, partially, or in stages, depending on the needs and resources of the customer.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence