About Us

Musicians Institute, in Hollywood, California, offers a comprehensive, hands-on education in contemporary music performance, recording, guitar making, music business and film. If you’re serious about your music, your education, and your career, contact us for more information about how we can help you reach your goals.

When the Guitar Institute of Technology opened its doors in Hollywood in 1977, it was the right place and time for a great new idea in music education: a focused, intense, hands-on contemporary program designed and taught by working professional musicians and located in the center of the music industry.

What began as a guitar school, has since expanded to become Musicians Institute, a complete array of instrument, vocal, recording, music business and guitar-building programs in one of the world’s foremost teaching, performing and recording facilities.

MI has evolved tremendously over the years, but our mission remains the same. To find out more about how MI's innovative programs can help you reach your musical goals, contact us: www.mi.edu


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