About Us

"MYINT GLOBAL ENERGY SOLUTION, LLC" is set up to help Power Transmission & Distribution and Energy Sectors for "The Consulting, Advisory, Evaluation and the Specialty service as required".
Test & Commissioning (HVDC/HVAC/ FACTS/ EPC Projects)
- HVDC High Voltage Direct Current System
- FACTS Flexible AC Transmission System
- HVAC High Voltage Alternating Current System (Sub Station/ Industrial Field)
- EPC Projects

Reviewing single line/three line/as built designs and site installation
Onsite inspection & supporting for correct installation of primary and secondary equipment
Witnessing Factory Acceptance and Performance Test
Start-up commissioning, primary equip: test, sub system test & system test
Reviewing and verifying control & protection settings and drawings
Compiling technical reports and procedures
Safety Log Out Tag Out (LOTO)
Project Management (Time scheduling, Man power/ hour estimating and cost saving)
Energizing, trial operation, final turn over to owner
O&M Support (Technical)
Fault analyzing & Resolving the complex technical issues
Technical Procedures and Technical training
Documentation, Maintenance Procedure
Owner's representative,
Preventive Maintenance Plans (Weekly, monthly, yearly)
Control modification
Control & Protection, Relaying and so on. ..

(AC Yard, DC Yard, Thyristor Valve Hall, Converter Transformers, Distribution Transformers, CTs, VTs, HV Circuit Breakers, Disconnecting Switches, Grounding Switches, Surge Arresters, Shunt Reactors, AC Filter Banks, DC Filters, Static Var Compensator SVC, Thyristor Switched Capacitor TSC, Bay Control Units, I/O Units, Measuring, VBE Valve Base Electronics, Cooling system, AC/ DC Control and Interface, AC/ DC Protection, Sequence of Event Records SER, Human Machnie Interface HMI, DTT Direct Transfer Trip (Line Protection), Protective Relays, Motor Control Centers, AC/ DC Distribution, UPS, Battery and so on in very wide range of Electrical Engineering Field).

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence