About Us

North Slope Capital Advisors is a full service financial advisory firm based in Denver serving higher education institutions, state and local governments, utilities, school districts, special districts, not-for-profit organizations and conduit issuers in all aspects of the issuance and management of their debt portfolios.

The Firm supports issuers of tax-exempt debt before, during and after a financing, recognizing the increased importance of efficient capital financing given current market conditions:

Pressure to accomplish capital projects with fewer resources
Increasingly complex financing tools
Challenges and opportunities posed by fluid market conditions
Changing credit enhancment landscape

Services of the Firm include capital planning and transaction-specific services:

- Debt capacity analysis
- Evaluation of financing alternatives
- Bond issue structuring
- Formulation of credit rating strategy
- Financial modeling
- Scenario analysis for new capital projects
- Debt/derivative policy creation and updating
- Ongoing monitoring of savings opportunities
- Tailored bond underwriter request for proposals
- Price guidance at negotiated bond sale
- Assistance analyzing unsolicited proposals from investment banks

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence