About Us

Novation Selling was founded in 2007 by Ron Silver, our Founder and CEO, to provide management consulting services specializing in revenue generation performance by employing an integrated converged approach with executive management and sales. The firm has helped select clients achieve better revenue growth, improve margins, recruit and develop stronger sales teams, and design high-performing sales processes.

We are actively searching for companies and executives that represent our core customer attributes. These core attributes are:

- Committed, at the leadership level, to attain sales excellence
- Employs a sales force of 3 to 50, including sales managers and sales VPs
- Sells products and services employing direct, pre-sales support, channel and indirect sales forces
- Aren’t meeting goals for planned sales growth
- Sales results are inconsistent
- Having issues finding the right salespeople
- Participate in M&A for rapid growth

Our core customers recognize the value of:
- Diagnosing their sales team, processes, systems and strategy performance
- Philosophy of continual sales environment and culture improvement
- Engaging with partners that will hold them accountable to their commitments

Revenue Generation Performance (executive management & sales convergence) * Go-to-Market (revenue planning, sales planning, competition, industry performance) * Sales Force Development (evaluation, goal setting, training, coaching) * Sales Support Team Development * Sales Infrastructure (systems & processes) * Sales Talent Management (recruiting & retaining) * Sales Force Architecture (org structure) * Sales Human Capital (compensation & growth) * Sales Management (sales culture & environment) * Product Marketing * Inbound Marketing Strategy * Economic & Business Value Analysis

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence