About Us

Since 2001, OEM Micro Solutions is proud to have designed and manufactured its state-of-the-art public safety in-vehicle electronic systems in the USA. We partner with public safety agencies in the design and development of our advanced computers and digital video systems, and recently introduced our newest in-vehicle Mobile Tactical Computer, the MTC-4. With the MTC-4, OEM Micro again demonstrates its leadership in performance, value, and reliability. In addition to the new MTC-4, we offer our MDVS-2, a sophisticated, two or four camera mobile digital video recording system, and our Incident Sorter software system for wireless download control and complete video file management.

OEM Micro works with police departments nationwide, and has delivered thousands of systems from coast to coast. We combine big company technology with small company service, taking care of public safety agency’s mobile electronic system needs before, during and after the sale. Contact us today for a no-obligation demonstration.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence