About Us

The need for effective management is more essential than ever for today’s nonprofit organization. Current competitive funding requires organizations to be tightly managed and smartly led.

• Continual self-assessment is required for nonprofits to stay current and work optimally

• A supportive board and strong management are the basis of a thriving nonprofit.

• Strengthening operations and building leadership is vital to maintaining a
healthy organizational environment.

Issues such as organizational structure, sustainability, cultural health, operations practices, and planning for change must be addressed. OMG! will act as your agent of reality by helping you strengthen your nonprofit from the inside out.


• Evaluating Organizational Effectiveness and Sustainability.
• Strengthening Leaders and their Organizations
• Managing Facilities, Operations and Budgets.
• Providing Guidance through Collaborations and Mergers
• Developing Customized Trainings and Workshops

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence