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Overheard Overseen... Things heard over the herd and scenes we've seen. Street
photography, people, the spaces between. News, comedy, tragedy, reality and inspiration.

OverHerdOverScene / OverheardOverseen (a.k.a. “OHOS”) is an entertainment, news, blogging, sharing, commenting, community, and forum, posting about the crazy, weird, funny, terrible and wonderful things people say and do! OHOS is all the things we’ve herd and scene out there…

Over-Herd-Over-Scene…is the stuff we hear over the herd, and scenes we see played out on the world stage, the stories which need to be told… Some stuff is amazing, inspiring, uplifting. Some is amusing, hysterical, funny, LOL! Some is interesting, informative, newsworthy, and eye-opening! Some is sad scary, frightening, and maybe even tragic. Some of it we wish we could forget, but some of it we have to share with the world, because we can’t keep it to ourselves—it’s just too weird, funny, wonderful, or whatever!

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