About Us

We are here to help the world hear sound in its purest form. Our high-grade acoustic absorbers, reflectors, and diffusers do just that by giving new life to the way you hear sound.

Founded in 2012 by Full Sail University graduate Brad Turpin, we’ve made professional acoustic treatment readily available to the masses. We aren’t afraid to bend sound waves, and we’re also not afraid to bend the status quo. Many sound treatment companies over charge for their services, but we’re changing that. You get exactly what you pay for, be it for your recording studio, office building, or home theater, we provide the highest quality sound treatment at a price you can afford.

Call us scientists, mathematicians, engineers, or magicians, our skills will help you hear the difference. From the moment sound leaves a source, it’s instantly influenced by every surface it hits. This can give our ears an altered version of how that sound was meant to be interpreted. The good news is these unwanted “flutter-echoes” and “reverberations” that often occur in home theaters, recording studios, churches, restaurants, and office buildings can be treated. That’s the simple version of what we do, however we’re happy to geek out with you if you so choose!

Not to mention, all of our products are designed with style in mind. We’re artists at heart, so visual appeal is always top in mind. Look at it as an art piece that complements both the sound and visual appeal of your room.

All-in-all, whether it be enjoying an action movie with the family, recording your next big hit, or a having a conversation at dinner without speaking over others – let Overtone Acoustics help you hear the difference!

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