About Us

Parafour Innovations, LLC…
The only name you need to know for LPG industry excellence.

A company dedicated to innovation, technology, quality and flexibility of use, in LPG dispensing systems. While a new company, Parafour has more than 50 years of experience in the LPG fueling and Autogas industry.

With years of experienced gained by employees working for companies like Petrolane, IMPCO, BRC, CleanFUEL USA, GE, and others, Parafour management and engineering had designed, built and serviced thousands of Autogas refueling stations worldwide. Our company and employee industry and professional memberships, past and present, speak to the level of professionalism and experience of Parafour. Our goal is to design, manufacture and support the very best products, with advanced technologies, unsurpassed quality and diverse flexibility in application.

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