About Us

PDT Partners is a global investment manager. We develop and deploy quantitative, model-driven strategies to trade liquid assets globally. Composed of a tight-knit community of researchers, technologists, and business professionals, we strive to build one of the best trading firms in the world. We combine the spirit and adaptability of a start-up with the expertise and successful history of an established firm.

We value depth and expertise, encourage intellectual curiosity, and seek constant innovation.

PDT is a talent-driven organization – our people set us apart. Our Hiring Philosophy is simple:
• Bring in smart, curious individuals who are passionate about solving real-world challenges
• Provide mentorship, professional development, and technical training in a highly-collaborative, meritocratic environment
• Create opportunities for socialization with a diverse group of interesting, creative, nice PDTers

If you are excited to learn more, we invite you to apply to our available opportunities: https://jobs.pdtpartners.com/