About Us

Hard Money Mortgage Broker in California specializing in fix and flip financing.

Peer-to-Peer Trust Deeds is an excellent option for you if you want results with a hard money loan in California, Oregon and Washington. We have many years of combined experience in all types of lending, and we’re experts who can provide lending options for self-employed or non-traditional financing for luxury real estate and private commercial properties. We know the industry and provide education to real estate investors and other industry professionals.

Our goal is to always educate the market on what is the best option. Every scenario is unique, and even though we can’t always fund the transaction, we can give you the best advice and resources to make an intelligent and informed decision on your mortgage loan in California, Oregon and Washington. Be sure to follow our blog, social media feeds, and subscribe to our monthy Peer-to-Peer Advisor e-newsletter so you can stay up to date on everything you need to know about peer-to-peer investing, private money lending, and selling solutions for real estate professionals.

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1-10 employees


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