About Us

Personal Ponderings is a new company that has created Journals that provide an organized structure for the recording of life's important events and meaningful thoughts.

Journaling is an activity that many people across the globe enjoy regardless of race, culture, religion, nationality, age gender or economic background. It is an activity that has engaged the human family for thousands of years. It is because of journals and those who wrote in them that much of the history of the world has been preserved. Journals are not only kept to preserve a daily record of life, they are kept about every imaginable subject that is of interest to anyone. Journals are kept as an outlet for healing and personal growth and understanding through the tough times we all trod. They promote self awareness and help solve life's difficulties. They promote scholarly excellence and continued education. Journals can give us a glimpse - or - a huge dose of the humorous, the sad, the exciting, the strange,


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1-10 employees


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