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International Stage Hypnotist, Sports & Personal Performance Speaker
One of the most exciting new generation Stage Hypnotists in the world of Interactive Entertainment today. Peter has developed some of the most humorous shows you will ever see. With his amazing mind reading routines and British appeal Peter continues to fill venues across the United States. With his professional approach and natural talent, Peter continues to change people’s perception of hypnosis. Fast becoming the talk of the town not only for his shows but also for his talks. Universities, organisations, charities are amazing at what is presented. Life changing philosophies and unbelievable demonstrations motivate and inspire others to learn more about the power of the mind. Motivational and Inspiration talks often inspire us to take action but have very little value if we don’t have the tools and ability to implement the views and ideas presented. Peter is truly a professional in all areas of his work; he is certainly a star that shines bright. visit www.peterkingsley.biz to learn more


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