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PiercingMetal.com is a Hard Rock & Heavy Metal reviews website launched in 2005 by writer/photographer Ken Pierce whose work was previously found on The Metal Circus (Spain), Maximum Metal, Sea Of Tranquility and even the Metal Edge & Metal Maniacs print publications. Since inception the site has featured over 2300 review articles and everything is searchable and remains a part of the historical archive. The site offers readers a comprehensive concert photo gallery section that is also searchable and features every band that has ever been photographed by the members of the creative team. The Official Blog was launched in 2007 and expands upon the concert coverages with more of a personal spin as well as offering up viewpoints on the Comics, Toy and Film Industry as it relates to our core demographic of Metal fans. The site keeps a regional events calendar that is second to none and through it helps the vitality that is the NYC music scene even more. Ken Pierce is also a part of the Blog Talk Radio "Heavy Metal Mayhem" show and participates weekly. PiercingMetal can be found on every major Social Networking site where an official account is maintained. The constant goal is to keep the reader engaged with what is happening over on PiercingMetal.com and we strive to maintain this day after day. The site brand trademarked in 2012.


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1-10 employees


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