About Us

Port City Makerspace (PCM) is a membership based workshop space with the tools to make things big and small. PCM brings together the local community of hobbyists, artists, craftsmen, aspiring inventors, and do it yourself types from homemaking to light industry to gather and share tools and knowledge in an environment that is friendly and inclusive.

Some tools don’t make sense to own, others take up too much space. Often, when trying to complete a project, you don’t know the exact tool you'll need for the job until you need it right away. Sometimes you don’t realize how easy a project can be until you have the tools in hand. By creating a space based around the collective need for tools in our lives we are creating a space useful to everybody.

PCM has complete sets of tools in four basic shop disciplines: wood, metal, electronics and bicycles - but it doesn’t end there. We have a pottery kiln, sewing machines, a tool library and more on the way; as our membership grows our inventory of tools will grow with it. Having a workspace with right tools to persue a wide variety of diciplines makes Port City Makerspace’s community dynamic and diverse. We empower people to learn the proper use of the right tool for their specific project.

Business size

1-10 employees