About Us

Innocent until proven guilty. Human rights for all.

Pretrial Rights International supports pretrial detainees and their families in promoting human rights and basic civil liberties afforded to persons arrested and accused of crimes. We work with non-government organizations (NGOs), governments, and other stakeholders around the world and advocate for the preservation of inalienable human rights. We provide a forum for exposing pretrial detainee human rights abuses, advocate for state compliance with international human rights obligations for pretrial detainees, and educate the international community on human rights and basic civil liberties afforded to the persons in pretrial detention around the world.

We focus on human rights. Our location in Washington, D.C. allows us to focus particular attention on supporting and advocating for Americans unjustly detained abroad, serving as a legal resource for them and their families.

Pretrial Rights International is a non-profit, nonpartisan U.S.-based organization that is committed to the presumption of the innocence of detainees until proven guilty.

Business size

1-10 employees