About Us

Providence is a comprehensive healthcare network, rooted in the loving ministry of Jesus as healer that offers the best level of care in virtually every medical discipline.

The Providence Healthcare Network was born and built on compassion. Founded in 1905 by the Daughters of Charity as a ministry to the suffering, compassion has remained our driving mission over decades of growth and development.

Providence is a comprehensive healthcare network that year after year provides the best physicians and staff with leading edge equipment and facilities. It’s this commitment to the best care that drives our vision and results in Providence consistently being recognized and certified for excellence in healthcare.

The Providence Healthcare Network proudly serves as a member of Ascension Health , the nation's largest Catholic and largest nonprofit health system.

Providence has led the way throughout its history with Waco’s first Heart Clinic, Waco’s first open heart surgery, Waco’s first coronary angioplasty, Waco’s first cardiac stent procedure, Waco’s first Wound Center, Waco’s first Chest Pain ER, Waco’s first Surgical Weight Loss Center and Waco’s first certified Primary Stroke Center in Central Texas.

A mission of compassion.
A vision of excellence.

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500+ employees

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