About Us

At Red Lion, we are artisanal producers of natural health products. We create our products in small batches using the time-honored traditions of our craft. Time itself is quintessential to all of Nature's processes, and depending on the product, we allow for production times of 40 days to 18 months per batch. Our products have the distinction of actually increasing in efficacy as they age, and consequently each batch has its own vintage, much like a fine wine. The older the vintage, the more matured the product.

With time and natural processes at the basis of our craft, we can extract nearly all of the effectual chemicals within an herb, without the need to denature our products with high industrial temperatures, or to cold-press the herb, wasting many of the finer therapeutic chemicals locked inside.

Time is, and always will be the crown of Nature's processes, and Red Lion has decided to wear it. We believe that by allowing Nature to be our authority we are able to produce an herbal product that is far superior, more complete, and sophisticated than anything you have ever tried in the past. Therefore we at Red Lion invite you to join us on Nature's throne, observe how time, sun, moon, and air coalesce in the creative act as Nature intends them to.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence