About Us

Retail On The fly is a retail consulting firm based in Houston, Texas specializing in retail operations. We provide innovative retail solutions to companies looking to improve customer loyalty, advocacy and delight.

While your company may initially bring customers through your door with advertising, promotions, or other forms of messaging, the success of your business inevitably falls squarely on the shoulders of your management and associates who directly interact with your customers every day.
According to a comprehensive national survey on customer service conducted by the NRF, 99% percent of shoppers said that customer service was at least somewhat important when deciding to make a purchase. At the same time, only 16% of shoppers reported being "extremely satisfied" with their most recent customer service experience. It is especially critical in today’s economically challenging environment to differentiate your company by offering superior customer experiences.

At Retail On The fly, we take a holistic approach to achieving customer value, delight and loyalty. In addition to mystery shopping, Retail On The fly offers its retail clients an array of other customer surveying methodologies and options

At Retail On the Fly, we thrive on providing small retail organizations with our expertise to achieve some common business goals to insure a strong and profitable future for your company for years to come!

• Develop infrastructure to reflect change from entrepreneurial to structured organization
• Establish effective merchandise buying and presentation systems
• Implement sales training and recruitment systems
• Upgrade quality of personnel if needed and customer service
• Create upbeat environment for your customers
• Develop internal and external operation policy to maintain integrity of your operations

And we can accomplish all this without disrupting current management style and business culture.
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Business size

1-10 employees