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Customer Loyalty & Mobile Marketing:

Reward your existing customers
Retain at-risk customers
Attract new customers
Reach all of them with new offers each week

Don't wait for customers to find your month-long advertisements in their mailbox or on Facebook. Reach each of them directly on their mobile phone at the time they're ready to take advantage of your offer.

Are you a restaurant? Send today's special at 10am while they're thinking about lunch. That's exactly what Hogi Yogi did and saw a 6.3% response THAT DAY!

Ruby's Bangles created a special weekend offer that was only sent to customers who should have already been back and realized an 8.6% return that weekend. Regular customers paid full price while only the at-risk group received that special offer thus bringing lost customers back into the mix.

The biggest mistake being made in retail business today is allowing customers to leave without having a way to invite them back. RewardMeIE stops this problem with a customized Loyalty Rewards program that engages every customer that visits your store.

Business size

1-10 employees