About Us

You May Find Yourself Wondering...
"What can I do to minimize my tax burden?"
"Will I have enough money to retire and enjoy financial security?"
"How can I be sure my money will last throughout my retirement?"
"How can I protect myself and my family against a serious loss?"
"Where will I find the money to achieve all my goals?"
"How can I leave a legacy to the organizations and people I care about?"

These are challenging questions, and they can only be addressed–properly–by sophisticated, experienced planning. That's why many successful individuals and their families rely on the advice and guidance of dedicated professionals like the financial advisors of Rockwood Wealth Management.

As Fee-Only, Independent Financial Planners, we are free of the conflicts of interest and compromises that characterize many Wall Street firms. We put our clients first and have an unwavering legal and ethical commitment to ensure that all every recommendation we make is in the client's best interests.

Rockwood Wealth Management has locations in New Hope, Pennsylvania and Annapolis, Maryland.

Business size

1-10 employees

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