About Us

The Russian School of Mathematics (RSM) opened in 1997 with a goal of creating a unique after-school mathematics program. Our mission was to build a systematic math education based on the traditions of Russia and Europe and adapted to the needs of American students.

We decided to open a school to raise a generation of learners able to reason logically and abstractly in order to solve problems. We have spent over a decade developing a unique curriculum to achieve this goal. Rather than providing a quick fix, our unique curriculum and classroom approach allows students to build deep lasting understanding gradually. Our goal is to help every child build a solid foundation for future success. In today’s competitive world, we take great pride in knowing that our program has demonstrated measurable results for thousands of our graduates.

Today, we are one of the oldest and most successful after-school programs in the United States. Our graduates have achieved impressive results in school, on standardized tests, in college and beyond. Our program has been featured several times in the Boston Globe and appeared in the New York Times. Families of more than 10,000 students across the country trust their children's mathematical education to RSM.

Business size

101-500 employees

Commercial presence