About Us

sellshark is one of the best places to sell your iPhone or other Apple device. It doesn't matter if your iPhone is old, has a cracked screen, or wont turn on. If you have an iphone to sell, sellshark will make you a competitive offer.
When you have an Apple product that you want to get rid of, you have two choices: you can sell or recycle. As a re-commerce service, sellshark specializes in buying Apple products you don't want anymore. You can sell your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac Apple TV, or virtually any other Apple device that you can name.
The process is simple. You tell us what kind of Apple device you're trying to sell and its condition. From there, we provide you with a competitive quoter. Once you agree to sell your iphone or other Apple device, you print off our free shipping label and send the device within the next 30 days. Once we receive your device, we pay you through either Paypal, Square Cash, or Check - Which ever you prefer.
Sound simple?

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26-100 employees

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