About Us

The Most Realistic 3D Facial Capture Systemin the World

Imagine using digital cameras to take three dimensional “snapshots” of your friends and family. Just point and click, like you do with your camera today, and get amazing face images in 3D with high-resolution color!

We Call This ShapeShot

ShapeShot includes the process of capturing your face in 3D, the digital model created from this capture, and the applications that use this high-resolution data.

Now, for the first time, proprietary software and commercial digital cameras combine to take amazing ShapeShots generating the geometric shape of a face with striking high definition color – in just seconds. Powered by an amazing new technology from Dimensional Imaging - this is not only possible, but at Direct Dimensions – we’re doing this today and you can too!

How ShapeShot Works
Off-the-shelf digital cameras capture your image instantaneously. These images are then combined using proprietary software to create an accurate three-dimensional model of your face (with textures)! It's that simple - no makeup, no special preparations - just one snap of the cameras and your face is now in 3D!

Business size

1-10 employees


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