About Us

The Soundog Company developed powerful wireless technology that delivers sound and customized promotions to customers right at their table on their smartphone or SD tabletop system in multi-television venues such as sports bars, restaurants, health clubs, and more.

Soundog's Mobile App or Tabletop Audio System provides the digital sound in establishments with the Soundog Audio System. While guests listen to the TV of their choice businesses can stream in relevant ads, offers, surveys and more right to the customers for immediate point-of-purchase opportunities. The system also allows guests to audio-surf 4-40 channels at conversational levels with stereo reflective sound.

It takes only a moment to download the Free Mobile App (iPhone or Android) and connect customers to the system!

To install Soundog for your business: info@soundog.com, visit www.mysoundog.com or call 248-496-0888

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence