About Us

Spectate is a content-driven web marketing tool that allows you to understand the correlation between your actions and your results. It centralizes your marketing data and provides you with action items, thus empowering you to increase your web traffic and generate more leads.

As a business owner or marketer, your main goals are clear. You want people to find you on the web, like what they see, and eventually become your customer. In business terms, you want people to become visitors, convert visitors to leads, and convert leads to deals.

Spectate can help you by:
Providing a holistic view of Google Analytics, social media, competitor monitoring, and keyword monitoring, assembling analysis in a central location.
Allowing you to specify your own set up of performance goals
Giving you specific suggestions and action items on how you can reach those goals
Letting you post fresh, relevant content quickly
Showing you the correlation between your actions and your results
Educating you during the marketing process to make you a smarter, more efficient, and more effective marketer
Providing you with a one-stop-shop focused on inbound channels (blogs, white papers, social media, SEO) to simplify your marketing campaign
Freeing marketing personnel from mundane, repeatable tasks, and making them available for high value strategic and creative tasks.