About Us

Stafona Pvt. Ltd. is a San Fransisco based company, managed by Silicon Valley experts, specializing in complete corporate IT solutions from small to medium enterprises.

We deal in design, development and E-marketing for product innovation, enhancement, providing high-end technical facilitation for the development and improvisation of innovative solutions.

Our team comprises of leading experts from the industry, well versed in cutting edge technologies and up to date with the evolving trends.

Stafona Designs (http://www.stafonadesigns.com/) serves the needs of presentation and creative imagery and provides unique and catchy elements in the design process.

Business does not happen, once the high-tech applications are installed. It needs to be watched over, and maintained with a keen eye on the continual evolution of the World Wide Web today, to get leads and conversions.

Stafona Internet Marketing

(www.internetmarketing.stafona.com) provides complete "Internet Marketing" solutions including; Search engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM), SEO Copy writing, Content Optimization along with advice and consulting on how to achieve top ranking.