About Us

Star Hanger Systems provides installation hardware solutions for companies that install any type of architectural panel. Star Hanger Systems provides eight innovative pieces of hardware that allow manufacturers, installers, owners and architects a new way to quickly and efficiently install a large variety of panels.
Our Star Hanger allows panels to be installed directly to sheetrock while remaining removable.
The Star Hanger Solid Surface Epoxy Mount works well for various materials, including thin panels, Corian, MDF, sculpted panels, acrylics and solid surfaces. Our newest product, the Star Ceiling Clip T-Track, is specially designed to hang ceiling panels. This product allows panels to be securely lifted and dropped in place. Once in place, they can be removed, but only with a coordinated effort on all edges. The clips are currently being tested to meet seismic rating requirements for overhead wood panels. Our line also includes a Traditional Panel Clip with our own improved features. Unlike standard panel clips, ours features alignment tabs for easy placement marking. Our clips also have special ridges which provide extra strength and security.
Those are just a few of our products. All of our products are innovative and deserve a serious look from architects, contractors, woodworkers, fabric panel installers, and manufacturers. Our products will make your lives easier.

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1-10 employees


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