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Monitor The Research — Educate Our Readers — Provide Sensible Solutions
We are not a vitamin company. We are a nutrition company that relies on the latest research to guide us in all that we do. Nutrition is an ever-changing and growing field where controversy is common and discoveries that may help improve your health stretch to the outer frontier of medicine. We strive to put this new research into perspective and to integrate it into relevant, practical, common sense nutritional advice and supplements. In fact, we advocate that all of our readers and customers try to get as many of the nutrients they need as possible from foods. That's why we report on so much food-related research, and always provide healthy recipes. However, knowing that this it is often difficult to obtain optimal nutrition from food alone, we suggest taking very high quality dietary supplements when possible. We offer a select line of such supplements. However whether you take ours or another company's, we highly recommend taking only dietary supplements that are made in the USA to cGMP and USP requirements, preferably to pharmaceutical grade standards.

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